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High Level System Diagram By: Jessica Kropveld

High Level System Diagram By: Jessica Kropveld


UC CubeCats is a student-led organization at the
University of Cincinnati dedicated to the education of
its members through the design, development, and
construction of CubeSats. The Educational Program is
one of the two main focuses the group and is designed
to educate first-year engineering students and new
members in the systems engineering process and the
construction of high altitude balloons (HABs) and


From the very inception of the organization, the
Educational Program has been a center focus. Many
organizations, small or large, collegiate or
professional, struggle with a large influx of new
members. Without a structure or program for the new
members to follow, many will become inactive or feel
intimidated by the extensive knowledge the older
members have. CATiSE addresses these issues by
giving new members with a zeal to learn the training
they need to jump into our CubeSat program.

Program Objectives

The main objective of the Educational Program is for
students to want to continue to participate in CubeCats
in future years, particularly in the CubeSat program.
In order to accomplish this, the program must produce
members who are not only knowledgeable in
CubeSats, but ones who feel like they can make a
meaningful difference within the organization. Thus
the single main objective is to instill in students the
mentality that they can be effective participants in
large-scale projects, whether in an engineering,
marketing, educational, or managerial sense.

Program Overview

The Educational Program is comprised of an academic intensive year of engineering workshops and a reference
packet the members will use as a guideline to the work they are doing on their own high altitude balloon mission.
This two-faceted approach allows the new students to get in the habit of learning things they don’t already know, as
the packet provides the essential material they will go to in times of need. More importantly, though, is how they will
be involved in this program. New members will be grouped into a team to complete the program with some help
from the older members.

The program itself is comprised of five separate modules which walk members though the entire development
process while ensuring they complete the required deliverables along the way. Below you can see a summary of the
modules and their deliverables:


There are many goals we are confident this program will
achieve, most of them revolve around the students’
abilities to perform effectively in a technical team-based
environment while applying their own critical thinking
to solve problems they face.

Upon completing CATiSE, members shall have the tools

  • Effectively participate in the CubeSat mission.
  • Apply the engineering design process to solve
    engineering-related problems (specifically
    space-exploration related problems).
  • Have a working knowledge of HAB design.
  • Work effectively in a group while balancing and
    completing tasks.
  • Obtain organizational management skills, including
    marketing, fund-raising, documentation, etc.

Program Development

While this upcoming academic year will be the first
iteration of CATiSE, the UC CubeCats did a trial run
of a high altitude balloon mission in order to gain
insights and develop the Educational Program. As a
result, all of the current UC CubeCats members were
a part of the program, playing various key roles. After
the HAB was launched in April, the group has spent
time going over what we had learned and how we can
use our mistakes to better the future outcomes of
CATiSE HAB missions.