CATiSE Program

The CubeCats Applied Training in Space Exploration (CATiSE) Program was designed to provide new CubeCats members with the skills necessary to design, integrate, and prepare a CubeSat for launch. The Program begins by allowing new members to determine the mission objectives for a high altitude weather balloon. The rest of the program guides new members through the mission formulation, design, integration, launch, and recovery of their high altitude balloon system.

Project Lykoi

Project Lykoi is this year's HAB mission. This high-altitude=balloon will be a glider that reaches 100,000 feet of altitude. The glider shall be designed so that it will return to a locaton specified by the team. It will have cameras which will record/take images of the flight.

Past Missions

CATiSE program does one and sometimes two high-altitude-balloon(HAB) each academic year. Until now we have designed and finished 5 HAB misiions. Each of which tried to accomplish different objectives. Click here to learn more about these missions!