CubeSat Program

Our CubeSat program allows students to design, test, and build satellites. This program, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students allows for members to learn through experience and develop their passions for aerospace. Currently we are working on two CubeSat missions and a Ground Station which are detailed below.


LEOPARDsat-1 is a 1U CubeSat which will study the radiation mitigation effects of carbon-carbon composites. Once this satellite is in orbit it will operate for a minimum of 6 months at a target altitude of ~400km. Communication with this CubeSat will take place via our UHF ground station.


HABsat-1 is a 3U CubeSat mission will carry a multispectral imager as its payload and study harmful algal blooms in the great lakes. After successful deployment and startup this satellite will operate for a minimum of one year and provide updated images at least every 16 days.

Ground Station

The UC CubeCats's Ground Station is a small-scaled radio station that will communicate with our active CubeSats mainly recieving and demodulating incoming data. It will operate on S band, UHF(Ultra High Frequency), and VHF(Very High Frequency).